The Bear

so close yet so far away

 Written by Chekhov, with excerpts by Davia Schendel

Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica

Directed by Ann Slote and Jennifer Gould

Set design by Ann Slote

Lighting Design by Benedict Conran

About the piece

We intertwined Chekhov's short play, The Bear, with poetic excerpts by Davia Schendel. Schendel's writings on relationship and disconnection added relevancy to Chekhov's piece, adapting it for the modern woman. Flashbacks and puppetry portrayed Popova's abusive history with her deceased husband, exploring themes of acceptance, grief, and identity within borders. This performance discussed the human ability to push forward and heal post trauma.

Puppet creation

Puppets acted as doubles during flashbacks for both main characters. Puppet features and faces were identical to the actors' bodies.

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